Thank you!


Thanks go out to the Pignatello family [immediate and extended] as well as Danielle and Jade for Saturday’s Tour de Ephrata race support and the post-race BBQ…FANTASTIC!

Battenkill/Tour de Ephrata images


Thank you, Jade!

Tour de Ephrata and Dave Fierro update


4.22.09/ Up next…the Tour de Ephrata in PA, complete with a team time trial!  Dan, Ernie, Matthew, Nick, and Rickey are all set to race.  Beautiful weather is on tap, so rock ‘n’ roll! 

Contrary to the endless swirl of rumors, Dave Fierro has not given up the bike and joined a monestary in Tibet.

Dave has been off the bike for while due to health complications, but is now on the program and training in earnest.  Coming off a breakthrough 2008, Dave plans on racing by July and having a strong second half of the season.  Welcome back, Dave!



Exodus has five riders in the CAT2 race at the Tour of the Battenkill on April 18th.  Battenkill is an “A” race  on the Exodus race schedule, and the boys are primed and ready to go!

Exodus for Battenkill:

Dan Davenport/Matthew Jamieson/Nicholas Pignatello III/Ernest Tautkus/Rickey Visinski